How to dance Hustle online dance lesson

Hustle is a fun dance that was created in the 70s and is great for today’s contemporary dance music. In this Hustle dance lesson video you will learn the basic posture, connections and rhythms for 4 count Hustle. Thanks to Lisa and Meg for being present, asking for this valuable information and helping make this video.

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Blurred Lines Robin Thicke Cha Cha dance

Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke is a hot pop song that is a fun cha cha. I want people in their 20s, 30s and 40s to know they can have a great time ballroom dancing! Partner dancing is not your parents past time.
It’s the fun cool hip way to be creative, sexy and meet new people. Thanks Ashley for dancing with me in these videos.

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West Coast Swing Dance Albany NY Dancin’ David

West Coast Swing is a fun contemporary style of partner dancing. Every other Tuesday in Watervliet, just north of Albany, I host a west coast swing lessons and dance. Here is a fun video of the social dancing one night when we had a special guest DJ Myra Heroth.

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Ballroom dancers Pasha and Daniella dance the Jive

World class ballroom dance teachers and performers dance a Jive at Danceland in Latham, NY. Pasha and Daniella visit monthly from their studio in NYC to give Albany area residents high quality ballroom dance lessons.

They teach in New York City and travel the world competing in ballroom dancing.

Why dancing is great for your sex life and desire

This TED video by Esther Perel really helps us understand why partner dancing can be so valuable to your love life.
I’m sure you will enjoy the whole video, here are some of the highlights.
1. We adore each other from a few inches away, not as much when we are touching tightly as in sex.
2. We desire each other when we see the other person enjoying themselves and mastering what they are doing.
3. We desire each other when we are away from each other, this happens when you change partners while social dancing.
4. We desire each other when we experience other people, also when you are partner dancing.
5. The monogamous male female relationship has evolved to require a lot of our partners, dancing can help simplify these roles and provide many of them in one experience: safety and adventure, caring and creativity, touch and distance, alone time and community time.

I really feel more and more that social partner dancing is really valuable to a healthy culture. What do you think? Feel free to leave your comments below.